73% of life happens


That’s why The Chris & Claude Co. exists.

You crave to live life well in a space that you love. We know that. And our passion is to help you find that place you want to go home to.

“The ordinary arts that we practice every day at home, are of more importance to the soul, than their simplicity might suggest.”



Because that’s one of our favorite places to be. It really is. And our desire is for others to feel about their living space the way we feel about ours. We assist home buyers in Lancaster and Chester counties to find the home they desire. With our creative team we renovate old houses and together, we inspire our community to reach its fullest potential. Listen up: don’t settle for spending most of your life in a space you don’t love. And don’t squash that desire to own a home of your own- it’s not impossible.

sincerely, us


He’s the Chris and I’m the Claude of this exciting company that we launched two years ago. Chris loves weird REI sandles and hiking for miles without water. And I prefer loud coffee shops with overpriced vanilla lattes.

So we obviously disagree on some things- including avocados (but lets not go there.) But one things we agree on is how much we love homes. Chris and I have some pretty amazing home renovations, our real estate licenses and a few big dreams under our belt. Think it’d be fun to work with us?

Don’t be shy.






To begin your home search fill out this super fun contact form and Chris or I will be back to you as soon as possible. You will receive personal support and detailed search results for homes in your dream area. So, check out the home buying process, read more about us, or dive right in to the questionnaire. Can’t wait to meet ya!


/noun/ definition:

The place where one lives their life (ie. eats, sleeps,

plays, entertains, works, laughs, hugs, cries, rests,

wakes up every morning ready to take

on the world.)

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Chris: 717-201-0838


Claude: claudia@thechrisandclaudeco.com

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Christopher Beiler

Realtor: #RS330805

Cell: 717-201-0838

Office: (888) 454-6499


1770 Oregon Pike Lancaster, PA 17601

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